Easily mistaken.

I came across this anecdote on the excellent notalwaysright.com which is mostly about retail woes, but sometimes, like this one, just about mad people, to which we can all relate, right?

I’m taking my cat in a carrier to the vet. (I don’t have a car, so I’m taking the bus; it’s mostly empty except for an older woman.)

Older Woman: “You go to vet?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s time for my girl’s checkup.”

Older Woman: “May I see?”

Me: “Sure.”

Older Woman: *pets my cat* “Oh, such soft fur. What dog?”

Me: “Oh, she’s not a dog. She’s a cat.”

Older Woman: “Rare to see such soft dog. Good Brushing!”

Me: “Again, thank you, but she’s a cat.”

Older Woman: “And well behaved! Dogs bark!”

Cat: “Meow!”

Older Woman: “You and your cat have good day!”