What about this one?

Customer:  “Can I keep this plant indoors?”
Me:  “I’m sorry, no, that’s an outdoor plant.”
Customer:  “What about this one?”
Me:  “I’m afraid that also needs to live outside.”
Customer:  “This one?”
Me:  “No. But this one and this one are indoor plants?”
Customer:  “Don’t like them. How about this one?”
Me:  “Nope.”
Customer:  “What about this one?”
Me:  “That really needs to be in a garden too.”
Customer:  “But my front room is really sunny!”
Me:  “That’s as may be, but this one needs to be outside also.”
Customer:  “What about if I opened the window?”
Me:  “That’s not really the same thing.”
Customer:  “You know, you’re not really helping here…”
Me: **Death Stare**