At least once a week you get this…

Customer: “Hi! I really like this bouquet! But I don’t like this *points to gerbera* or this *points to roses* or this *points to phlox* Can you change them over for me?”
Me: “Sure! Or I can just make you a new bouquet, which has none of these horrifically offensive flowers in, if you like?”
Customer: **face falls** “But I like this one!”
Me: “Except clearly you don’t…”
Customer: “But if you could just change them?”
Me: “But then it will be a completely different bouquet. So why don’t I start from scratch, and include the flowers that you DO like?”
Customer: “But then it won’t look like this one! And this one is pretty!”
Me: “But you don’t like 75% of the flowers in it!
Customer: “But it’s pretty!”
Me: “Well, if you like it so much, why don’t you buy it?”
Customer: “Ok! I will! Sold!”